Are you a Cub or Tiger?

A cub is between the age of 18+ and 29 years old and a Tiger is 30 to 39 years old. I offer specialty role play for cubs & Tigers like mommy/son play and/or any other role-play that your heart desires. I offer experience and you will learn from a real Latin cougar. Adult young men, must provide ID, if you look young.

Cub & Tiger Trainig

I specialize in young adult men. Or cubs & Tigers since I am a Cougar. A delicious one, if I  may say so myself. My loyal Cubs / Tigers tell me all the time my pictures do me no justice. I will let you judge for yourself when we meet up whether on the Web or in person. I will train you on being a memorable lover to your younger counterparts. learn from an experienced Cougar. Learn how to please any lady. Inquire within.

 Domination  4 Cubs 

I offer a sensuous version for my Cubs and tigers, a light domination special. It's Erotic and daring at the same time. For some it a relaxing bold massage with dim lighting and a very sexy outfits. No pain. No humiliation. Just simply Sexy Domination. Inquire with Mistress Ninah. Call for an Appointment today.

Mommy & Son Role Play

I offer my young studs and Cubs/Tigers too,  the best of both worlds.  Yummy. Mommy/son Role-Play, which I just love. Its precious and nurturing. Come experience one of your fantasies and make it a reality with Mistress Ninah. Call for an appointment today. Or lets do web-cam on Snapchat my sweets delicious treat. Inquire by calling me at 908-992-0512.

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